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Thanks to GaZurcher for the Fan Art!


seanpodcast ZERO-213

A self-titled expert in all things Metal Gear, Zero is named after the character from the Mega Man series: Zero, the Maverick Hunter version of Protoman.  Making certain to play second player in the game of Contra just so he can be the red sprite, Zero loves the color red.  Char the Red Comet piloting the red MSN-04 Sazabi, Dilandau Albatou and his red Alseides Guy Melef, Jason the Red Ranger, even Zero’s shoes and phone are red.

Zero is a vibrant actor in stage, screen, and voiceover.  He is always looking for an excuse to do an impression of Solid Snake.


character_warrior_img01 GadamHaze

GadamHaze is Trouble with a capital T that rhymes with P and that stands for Playstation Trophies. I guess, the T all by itself could just stand for Trophies… Oh well. Gadam doesn’t like to email his bio and headshot on time so Zero has to make one for him.

GadamHaze can often be found grazing in meadows or lapping up water from the creek down by the old haunted farmhouse. In his spare time, he teaches percussion. But mostly, he hides far away from the prying eyes of mankind, safe in the knowledge that were he ever to be captured, he would be paraded around in chains for the amusement of others like he was some sort of King or Kong or something.